Second Infantry Regiment

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Charlie Moy
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I spotted this posting at another forum I visit.


Message: I'd like to see this. It has to be a first. The war on film recorded by soldiers.

The War Tapes, the first movie about Operation Iraqi Freedom filmed by the soldiers themselves, is opening in New York on June 2. The film won Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival last month. This is the story of Operation Iraqi Freedom through the eyes of SGT Zack Bazzi, SGT Steve Pink, and SPC Mike Moriarty. Zack is a Lebanese-American university student who loves politics and traveling. Steve is a young carpenter with an incredible sense of humor, who signed up for college money and lives a double life as a tough jock and poetic writer. Mike is a father of two who is wracked by desire for honor and redemption. All of them leave women at home - a mother, a girlfriend, and a wife.

They took their cameras from Balad, to Baghdad, to Fallujah, all over the Sunni Triangle and beyond. They soldiers continuously sent back footage of live combat with reflections on the war and video diaries of life as a soldier in Iraq. This is war in first person.

For more information on the film and for additional screening go to.


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