Second Infantry Regiment

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Terry Sage
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The 2/2 was at thunder 4 from November 68 to June 69 when I was in country. How many of you were there and what are your memories? I know we had a lot of contact on Hwy 13 and the rubber surrounding Anloc.
Terry Sage
2/2. 68-69
B co HHC recon
John Kerins
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I was there until Feb 69.

I remember January 69 as a rough month. Mech units were being ambushed almost every day. Us, the 1/4 Cav, the 11th ACR and 1/16. The NVA were out to deplete mechanized assets before they launch Tet 69. Evidently mech was significant in reclaiming Saigon in 68.

January 9th, 11th, and 13th we got in it along Highway 13. Of course 27 Dec 68 was a all day fight by Ap Charat. (I was on R&R for that.) We had taken sniper and RPG fire on 22 Dec 68. A delaying action to keep us out of the bamboo that had contained a huge base complete with field hospital. They evacuated it over the Christmas truce and set up the ambush for the 27. B/2/2 I believe was in the first contact after the truce.

Always thought Thunder IV was pretty good duty. I it was the surrounding area that SUCKED.

Did the company stay at Thunder IV all the way up to June 69? 
Terry Sage
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John, we left Thunder 4 early June and went to Dau Tang, I left Aug 1st. for home. I heard that the 2/2 went back to the Thunders soon after I left.
With it's location Thunder 4 was a major player in that part of Nam. We went out from there to Loc Ninh, Song Be, Quan Lou, up and down Hwy 13 and the rubber which was all around the NDP. We had numerous contacts some of which were quite heavy. The Battalion was more than egual to the task and the NVA paid a heavy price.
We took over Thunder 4 from a 1st air cav unit, I'm not sure who came in after us but it was probably the 11th ACR as they were also active in the area.
I often wondered what happened there when the NVA made their big push to take Anloc. With the air strip there and the well built bunkers it would have been a major objective. It had good fields of fire but if they used their tanks it would have been a tough fight.
I felt sorry for the people in Anloc when I heard about the battle there. I think of the people who washed cloths, and cut hair and generally were friendly, including the festivities they put on in the NDP at Christmas. I wonder if they survived.

Terry Sage. 2/2 68-69
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