Second Infantry Regiment

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Terry Sage
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How many of you were at Bandit Hill or Thunder 4 in An Loc? I was at Bandit Hill when we set it up and at Thunder 4 in Nov 68 to June 69.

Terry Sage. "B" co and HHC recon plat.
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You know I was at both. Bandit Hill Sep-Oct 68 and Thunder IV Dec 68 to Jan 69. Not sure where I was in Nov

John Kerins
George Ackerman
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Hi Terry and John. I was at both places as well. 

8/68 to 8/69
Curtis Parker
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Yes I was there at Bandit Hill without a doubt..Noli Me Rangers

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf,3rd Plt, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
richard Brown
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Terry I was at bandit hill when set up also there when we surrounded village in August 68. Then went to HHC Nov 68 to July 69 at Thunder 4. Was with HHC when we went near Black Virgin Mountain June/July 69.

LT Richard Brown
3rd Plt & HHC 4.2 Plt
Curtis Parker
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Richard I was one step behind You when we cordian off that Village in August that became Bandit Hill after we came back from Song Be,and while we (3rd Plt) patrolled outside of Bandit Hill You proved your ability to call for fire (155 Arty) to impress your Buddy Plt Leader from the 1/16th Inf when we came to His aid in the rubber trees as we all toll Cover in the ditches while You adjusted Arty danger close 100/50 meters from US..our Butt Hilde puckered,ha,ha,ha,...again I was right by your side füll of Pride..Noli Me Tangere!!!

Curtis Parker
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