Second Infantry Regiment

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Rick Simonson
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Hi Rick Simonson here.

I was with the 2/2 scouts 69 & 70. I checked in a long time ago. Been kinda busy. I am finishing my master's in communications at Southern Utah University in about a month.

I want to invite everyone to look at my new thread on this forum, called Vietnam War Myths at VietnamWarMyths.blogspot.com. Sorry the name of the thread is so long. It is there to share announcements about my blog. Check the introduction on the thread. There is some good reading on my blogspot posts & I plan to announce them on the new thread as well as inviting comments from anyone who has an opinion about the material I present.

Thanks and enjoy!

PS When you get to the blog, scroll down to the bottom and click 'old posts' so you can start with the introduction. Blogspot puts the newest posts on top which is convenient if you are keeping up, but it can be confusing to come in on the middle of a topic. so scroll down to the older stuff first.

Adrianne Dean
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Here are names of LOCATED Bandits from 1969

HENSELBECKER, SCOTT  [image]  Not sure who the other guy is?

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Hi Adrianne,

Looks like the pic was taken after we redeployed and Scott moved on to the 101st.

He is hard to recognize (LOL) without his granny sun glasses.  (I took a pic of him and Torres at guard mount in Dau Tieng with the hippie shades on.  Put an email up and I'll send it to you.

Are you Scott's ex or daughter??
Larry Dahlka
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Originally Posted by Mahlon McLean
Here are some names I can remember.

     Vinnie Vingelli  B Co. 2nd plt (don't remember which track) 68 NYC
     Sal Savarese   B Co. 2nd plt                                         67-68
     Al Ress ("Born Bad") B Co. 222 and 221                           68 NYC
     Jim Duffy driver 222            Levittown, LI, NY                  67-68
      ? Stevenson ("Little Stevie, the Patterson NJ Wonder")     67-68
     Jim Gulie 221  68, signed on for another 6 mos. and transferred to be a door gunner.
      Larry Dahlke, 221 Jan. 68- ?
      Pablo Diaz  221  68
      Al Despins medic for 2nd plt 68
      "Chief" Danny Vega 67-68 WIA in the Iron Triangle Aug? 68 California

I think I remember some faces but that's about it for names.
Larry Dahlka
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I just noticed what appears to be my name on your list. I just retired from the Dearborn Michigan vet Center. I posted about 80 pictures on this site's picture section. Did you have blonde or light colored hair-of course the sun did that to most of us.
Larry Dahlka
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I'm reading my diary and found these names and events. there also was a Lt Krantz, Lt' McClellen, Lt. Hamnton, Lt. Nading, sgt Smith, Sgt Morris, SGT Currie, Lt' Hampton, Captain Watts past CO, james Gulie a talkative guy who was going to training frequently to convert to Judaism from Catholicism, I think he volunteered for door gunner and was KIA., Mack and Coats,Findley,Sgt Jamison, Jefferies,Sgt. Hoover, White, Bryant, McClean, Wall.  07/03/1968  heard 112  track from 2/2 hit a buried 105 and the driver"red" and TC "Jeep" were both killed.I was in 2 units so many of my memories are merged, but here are most of the names or nicknames from either B 2/34th or B2/2 that I have in my diary.. Delisi, Taft, Anderson, Findley, Dago, Chinn, Graham, Rufus, Ross, Davis, Robertson, Williams, Tex, Doc Topps, Childs, Harring,  Doc. Seabold, Teague,Castro,Blair,Shelton, mcCoy, Jameson, Roach, Hoover, Vega, Gray, Makin , walters, Ross, Burnett, KIA-Pranger,Red/Jeep. 
John raddatz
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I was with 2/2mech in 69&70. Part of the time as platoon leader in A co and recon leader..I would like to make contact with any one assn with those units.
Ken Fetterhoff
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Originally Posted by lt ken tucker
Dear old friends; I am looking for E7 Maxwell 1plt sgt and E7 Sancheus 4th plt sgt Aco 2/2 68 & 69. I need to find them to tell them THANK YOU for i owe them a debt i will never be able to repay. I am also need to find RICHIE FETERHAUF. He was in the 1sq 1st plt and we rode on the 1-1 track. He lost his left eye because on me. I need to tell him i am sorry and that I hope he will some day forgive me. Any info on these 3 would be great.Have a good Xmas. If you have the time I would love to hear from you. ken

Lt. Tucker,

     I know this post was from a long time ago but SP4 Richard Fetterhoff was my father. Sadly, he passed away last December after having a heart attack. Any info or stories you have on him would be greatly appreciated. I loved my father tremendously but he rarely talked about his service and sacrifice. Thanks again.
Adrianne Dean
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Hi, Yes I am Scott's daughter I received you message on my work phone please call me at 916-333-8011 I would love pictures.

Originally Posted by BCC
Hi Adrianne,

Looks like the pic was taken after we redeployed and Scott moved on to the 101st.

He is hard to recognize (LOL) without his granny sun glasses.  (I took a pic of him and Torres at guard mount in Dau Tieng with the hippie shades on.  Put an email up and I'll send it to you.

Are you Scott's ex or daughter??

Ted Stowell
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Originally Posted by Larry G

I do not have anything on either person.

Larry,  Do you gave anything on an SP4 Martinez, my RTO, when I was the 4.2" Mortar Forward Observer, attached to B-2/2, prior to a hasty DEROS departure Aug. 66.  He was from Arecebo (spelling?), Puerto Rico.

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SFC Colin Fitts
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John Kerins is who I'm looking for
Ryan Morrissey
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My father, 1LT Richard "Dick" Morrissey, served in 3rd platoon/ company B 2/2 in 67-68. He passed away 11 days ago and I stumbled on this site researching his life. He was ckose to CPT Sonny Gratzer Commander Co. B. If anyone served with my father or maybe knew/knows someone who did I would be humbled and honored to hear anything about his and your time there.

Ryan Morrissey
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I was the motor Sgt. A Co. 2/2 Dec 69 Till we stood down April 70. I'm 76 and can't remember names. I would like to Find the names of my CO. and the 4 men on my track A-8 and the LVTR.   I Just found this site.   Thanks
Larry G
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I have the names of 5 officers that served with Company A during some or all of the time frame that you did, perhaps you recall any of them. Also, what is your FIRST NAME?

Richard Otto, William Pavone, Eddie Snyder, Kenneth Tucker, Michael Williams.

L R Grzywinski
HHC 2/2, 66-67 

Stanley Schnell
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I had very little inter action with the officers mostly with the Co  I got my my orders from him. I inter acted with the drivers mostly. My name is/was    SSG Stanley Schnell. My track hit a mine end of feb/early march 70  both my driver and gunner were medavaced but were back not long after. I landed on my head so I was OK.             Thanks
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Larry thank you so much for your work here. I just found the CO's name CPT Robert D, Walden Last man Killed in Vietnam in the Regiment, Now if I can find the names of my crew
     Thanks  Stan
Larry G
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Stan thank you for your response and your name. I did not even consider looking on the casualty list for your company commanders name. Guess I'm getting old when things like that elude me.

Take care,
Larry G
Benita Adams
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Hi, I'm hoping to find someone who remembers my dad. His name was William G. Adams. He may have went by Bill or Sonny. He never talked about his time in Vietnam so I have very little info. I did find a picture of him and some friends. They all have the 2nd Infantry Division patch. If anyone has any stories or information, please let me know. Sincerely, Benita
Curtis Parker
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Daring Bravo Bandit 31 signing in for the month of June 2020. June 1968 B 2/2 Inf completed the Rome Plow operation now in Song Be again. Hi Mother, how you been doing...Noli Me Tangere..

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf, 3rd Platoon, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968
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Curtis, I am doing just fine !! Thanks for asking? Been thinking about you, hoping that you and yours were doing OK. Take care Bro, Norm
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