Second Infantry Regiment

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John Venn
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I look at this site just about everyday and have noticed that posts are getting further and further apart. Where has everyone gone?
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Ditto.  With all the stuff happening in the world, and in our nations politics one would think we would have a little to and fro.  The problem is, if we engage in "free speech" the alt-left will call us a bunch of fascists.

Free speech is not "politically correct".

Goodaim. where fore art thou.  Get back on the board and wake everybody up.
Luther Patton
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So very true.  I guess we all are growing older.
Terry Skinner
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I am still here. I still salute our Flag. I still say the Pledge of Allegiance and i still say my prayers. So according to the Liberal Left i am a raciest, and part of the basket of deplorable's.Take care and "God Bless America".

Terry Skinner
C 2/2, Apr 66-Apr 67
Joe Fair
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I am right there with you Terry.

Joe Fair
A 1/2
Apr '69 to Mar '70
John Venn
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My wife and I just finished moving (one block away from the previous home) and I had been away from my computer for a while.
Luther Patton
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Terry me too!

BCC you tellem.

Not to mention any names; but one of Goodaim and my Recon. Brother's has Gall Bladder Cancer. I hope and Pray that his Chemo  Treatments kills the cancer. If not his Gallbladder will have to be removed.
Prayer's for my Recon. 29er Brother.
All so, prayer's for the people of Texas.
God Bless America
Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
John Kerins
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Face Book may be taking some traffic. There are 1/2, 2/2 and Active Ramrods pages
harold w. defibaugh
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seen a lot of folks on face book, I check here once in awhile for any news. not much to report except, I am still living in the great state of Oklahoma, have been praying for family in the Houston area, they are doing ok, and also praying for all of texas that has been affected.
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