Second Infantry Regiment

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John Kerins
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Curtis,  Oct 13 was Lt. Tucker's first day in the field. He was at Bandit Hill when it was hit. The 3rd plt was out on the ambush. I guess Gary took over the latter. But it sure was a WELCOME to Vietnam for him.

Terry, I believe Lt. Stafford was 1/6 earlier. He may know who replaced him?
He's our web guy now keeping this bucket of bolts together

Richard Brown
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John and Terry the 1st platoon leader that hit mine was Lt Bill Masker. He was media vac out and later returned to the company shortly after the attack on Bandit  Hill. As for PTSD i get it every time i drive on a dirt road or through a forested area. I went hunting one time after coming home and could not shot a deer because it was not shooting at me. The fun had left me. The rush was gone. Enough of that.
Curtis Parker
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Hi Richard, it is always good to see your name on the Post..Don't feel that you are alone with flash backs when in the forest/Woods...When I walked my dog in the Woods and came upon a trail it put me back to 3 April 1968 and when the Woods are really thick those days of S&D's come Back....I share your lonely anxiety..Guess that those deer were Happy and you not have to Clean your rifle that day,ha,ha,ha,....Keep on keeping on Bro and have many more positive happy days that you deserve and that also meant for You John. Bandit Hill was a good place for Gary Tucker to get introduced to hostile Combat in Vietnam.

Curtis Parker
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Gary Tucker as I said took over as B36 from Richard E.Brown in Nov 1968 shortly after I had departed the 3rd Platoon at Bandit Hill. I met Gary Tucker (Major) when I was the First Sergeant of Company C,2/13th (M) Infantry located in Mannheim,Germany at Coleman Barracks in 1982.Major Tucker Had just reported to the Battalion as the Bn Xo.I recognized that he had the Big Red One shoulder patch on the right shoulder of His Uniform,I asked him when He was with the Big Red One..He said from Oct 1968-Oct 1969,then I asked him what unit, He said B 2/2 Inf,and I asked him what Platoon and He said the 3rd PlT.I shook His hand and told hin that I Had been in the same unit,and asked about my driver Ken,Booker,Big Man, Robertson, Wells and a Soldier we Called Stick,If they Had made it back from Vietnam alive He said yes..I also asked him If He knew 1LT. Richard.E.Brown and Said that He was my Platoon Leader at Bandit Hill,Gary Said that He knew Richard and Had takened over the 3rd Platoon from him at Bandit Hill.Sorry that Gary and I never really got a Chance to sit down to talk about Vietnam.Somehow for some reasonable Gary was Not in the Battalion too long, was reassigned.

Curtis Parker
B 2/2 Inf,3rd Plt, Track B231
9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968

Terry Sage
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Thanks Richard for Lt. Maskers name, I had been trying to find it amongst all the dead brain cells in the ole noggin. I was with the recon platoon when you were with the heavy mortar platoon. I believe a guy named Connolly from my my track in "B"co. was there with you also. He was a good guy. We went out with 3 other guys on a 3 day recon over looking a trail while at Bandit Hill.

Terry Sage
Frank Cisneros
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I was on FSB Thunder V from 4/1968 to 9/1968.
We were on Dutchman's flats in the rubber tree plantation.
"C" Brty. 8/6 Arty consisted of 6 M-109 155MM Howitzers.
That period of my life is pretty much a blank. I remember snips.
10/1/1968 still haunts me. I transferred to HQ/A 701st Maint, Battalion.  
I was assigned to Charlie Battery in error. The guy who was suppose to be there was in my slot in Dian. I was depo. maint. trained at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. 
I have no idea who he is or what happened to him.
If anyone has any information I would really like to contact him and explain what happened to put him there. Quilt is a rock I carry with me every day.
Welcome Home,
Frank Cisneros, Annapolis MD.

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