Second Infantry Regiment

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Benita Adams
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I'm hoping to find someone who remembers my father, William G. Adams. He may have went by Sonny or Bill. He passed away in 2017. He never spoke if Vietnam so I have little information. I believe he served 4 terms there. I did find a picture if him and some friends with the 2nd Infantry Division patch. They all have what appears to be camo scarves around their necks. Unfortunately I can't read their names. Thank you for any info you can share. And an especially big THANK YOU for your service. Sincerely, Benita Adams
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Some questions about the "patch".

Was it in the shape of a shield, with an Indian Head in the center?  Worn on left sleeve?

Awaiting your reply.
Luther Patton
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Hi Benita,
The First of The Twenty Eight 1/28th of The Big Red One wore a camo scarf, with a Black Lion in one corner of the scarf. 
Is their anyway you could post the picture on this message board?
A Big salute to your dad, May He Rest in Peace.

Black Scarf Battalion 1/2
Delta Company, November Platoon RTO
Recon. 29er Platoon RTO, Point Man
Nam 67-68
Benita S Adams
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No lion or black scarf. The picture is black and white so it's hard to tell. Sorry, not able to upload a picture. The patch on left sleeve is a shield with an Indian head. I'll keep working on uploading the picture. Thanks ❤
Benita S Adams
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That patch represents the  2d Infantry DIVISION.  We are the 2d Infantry REGIMENT, a part of the 1st Infantry Division at that time.  The 2d Division served in Korea at that time.  Good luck in your quest.
Benita Adams
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Thanks BBC. So this means he probably was stationed in Korea before he went to Nam. This helps me alot. Thanks for this and thank you for your service
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