Second Infantry Regiment

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Dave Sexton
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Raggs, for some unknown reason I'm sorry to say I don't remember you. My memory of what any of the guys looked like or what their names were is completely gone. It bothers me something terrible that I can't remember you guys that I was with but I can remember a lot about what we did. I go to visit the Wall in DC periodically, and I find the panel on which the names of those that were KIA during the year I was there, but I can't find them because I don't remember them. If you could possibly send me some f their names, I would greatly appreciate it. Have to go now but keep in touch.

Frank Beitzel
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 Dave       Here are the name KIA in our time frame. C 1 2 feb66/ feb67

Sfc Billy A Thompson, SSg Adrian J Anglim,SSG Allen Brackins, SSG Fortune Smith,  SGT. Robert L. Adams  Sgt, Robert L. Smith   Sgt.Laurence J. Dunn  SGT, Henry P. Pereda   Sp4 John Doyle   Sp4. David W. Hill  Sp4, Ronald L. Watson  Sp4 Robert Mueller   Pfc. Thomas E. Clark   Pfc, James Cunningham  Pfc.Vernon G. Hoolifield  Pfc. Dick Hines Pfc Ronald P. O`Rourke   Pfc. Richard A. Recupero   Pfc. jose Rivera-Barreto   Pfc. Michael Tritico   Pfc. J. C. Walker, Jr. Pfc. Wilbert Waxton.                    Frank

johnny johnston
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dave,  i remembered you but didnt recognize your picture.  i remember you walkin around with that cane.   that claymore tore your thighs up.   dont feel bad.   that was about 40 years ago.   i remember the guys i had pictures of.   the otheres are a haze.   i think thats normal.   i was in the 3rd plt.  i was in efren techaira squad on 25aug.   snuffy smith rode in with me on a 113.  he got shot off of it.  we tried to reach yall.   it sounded like i was under niagra falls all day long.   gunfire and explosions.  lt holland took a tank lookin for yall but threw a track.  they had to destroy it n hoof it back to us.  im glad you made it back. i hope you can make a reunion.   they are as addicting as cigarettes, alcohol, and that wacky tobacky lolololol.  ill bet ive been to a dozen.    i have to be in the mood.   jerry siefman went out with you on that patrol.  he survived and is on our roster i sent ya.  he was a leopard and had been in 3rd plt.  they got a lot of leopards from 3rd plt.  maybe he can help jar your memories.   i had a bunch of pics but they and most of sgt tames's burned up in my house.   take your pics with you to the reunions.  they help ring bells.   mike turpins nephew sent me some a while back and i was in one of them. i knew nearly every one of those guys.     remember jimmy o smith? david washington?  they were on m60s.  gary wells too and lipsey and woods.   all 3rd plt.  remember boatright?   a heck of a soldier.   id like to find our medics and the scout dog handlers that were with us too.   come to a reunion and be happy for a week. johnny johnston

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If anyone is interested, I have a roster of all 1st. Infantry Division KIAs.  I have broken it down into lists by name, by unit, by date, etc., etc.  Anyone who would like to have a copy, E-mail me at M4A4G@AOL.Com and I'll forward whichever list you want (or the master, which is in alphabetical order).  They're all in WORKS format.




john h johnston
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add pfc michael laurie and pfc hassler to your list of dead from apr66 to apr67.  ill think of more as they come to me.   laurie got blown up by a burried 155 boobie trap.  hassler got hit when the 3rd plt was goin to help 2nd plt.  doc edwards was hit in the eyes in that fight.  we lost a scout dog on ambush then too.  a bad day.  johnny johnston c/1/2 apr 66 apr67

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to john johnson: you mentioned michael laurie getting kia by a 155 boobie trap. wasn't he with the recon platoon? if it is the same man i remember, we had just gotten to the ndp and they were showing us were to dig in. i was about twenty yards from laurie when it happened. i didn't get in country until march '67 so i hadn't been in the field long. maybe about a week. i was in sgt. warrick's squad(he was from texas). he still owes me $50. lol.
john h johnston
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brice,   you remember the same incident.   a bad day.   he was a rifleman in 3rd plt.  i dont remember him bein in any lrrp.  we were diggin in.  they were blastin some termite mounds in a clearing for choppers i think.  that whole years a blur but lauries death stands out in my mind.  they found another booby trap that was hooked up to a 155 round.  it blew a hole about 3x3 feet.  it sure scared me.   email me at apurpleheart@aol.com brice.   ill add you to our roster of people found from c/1/2.   weve found 50 or 60 so far, from 65 thru 67 68.    john h johnston, little rock, ar

john h johnston
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brice,   ps,   i think your nco was named warlick.   hes been to reunions.   i didnt go to the one he went to.   he was a short, stocky, sandy, wavy headed guy.   in charge of leopards.  weve found several leopards.  

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