Second Infantry Regiment

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Luther Patton
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Correct me if Im wrong but wasn't Zion The Divison Headquaters for The Big Red One, before the Division Headquaters was moved?? Was Zion close to Bien Hoa, and Di An. I have noticed that a lot is mentioned about Di An. So was Di An referred to as Zion??? I need the correct answer for My book "The Black Scarf's Of The Big Red One."

Another question that I have pertains to Operation Quyet Thang where Lt. Col. Mortimer was KIA. How many on the message board was there on this Operation?  What I need to know does anyone have any picture's of this area and of our NDP during the operations.  I know for those of us that was there it was a BAD ASS PLACE TO BE. Too many Booby Traps, and bad ecounters with the V.C. 

Would like to have some imput on this subject.

Respectfully, Luther Patton

john peterson
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luther zion and di an are one in the same and you are correct on location pete

Sgt Rock
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Bob Hope probably said it best at his '66 Christmas show, "I'm glad to back here in 'Zeon'!  Now, that's spelled capital 'D', 'i', capital 'A', 'n'.  I don't care how you spell it; it's still a four-letter word!" 

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Lute, I'll check with Sabe I think he might have some potogs for ya'll. 


 How the hell you doing anyway?  The Duck is helping a pal build a new home up near Tahoe and isn't home much. He'll be flying in here at the end of Sept. for three or four days of golf and bullshiting..


Be well my man "You Earned" it a long time ago.


It was always Zee-On in our day, go figure.



Luther Patton
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Thanks Gentlemen,. well, that answers my question.  Lar, that would be good if Sabe has photos, would Love to have him send them out. Im sure The Duck is having a good time.  At least no one is shooting at him. As you might know it has been hot hot hot here in Oklahoma, almost as hot as the Nam.

Be safe!  Luther

David Lee Thompson
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I was stationed at Di An, Vietnam, from 1965-66, with 1st Admin. Co., 1st Inf. Div. and worked for the division IG.  When I was there, it was pronounced "Zee-on." 

David Lee Thompson
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In my previous post, I failed to mention that, in addition to 1st Admin. Co. being at Di An, 1st Inf. Div. Headquarters was also there.  Division Signal was located there, too, as well as an engineer company.  It was about a ten-minute drive from Di An to Bien Hoa.  Read about it all in my story entitled, "Deliverance."


David Lee Thompson,

Chapter 13, Deliverance

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