Second Infantry Regiment

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Curtis Parker
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Hi Mahlon Mclean, sorry that you could not reach me at the number that I gave you...here it is again just in case there was a mistake. Civilian 06202-80-5363...Military Prefix 379-5363.  I 'll be waiting for your call.. The beest time to call my office is between 0730-0900 hours.. after that time I may be out conducting inspections.  Have a Nice Day.

Mahlon McLean "Mac&q
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Our niece who lives with us is on the Vicenza (Italy) High School girls basketball team and they won the European championship for DoDDS schools.  First championship in 53 years.  Proud? You betcha! (to quote a former governor)

Mahlon McLean
Bill Sly
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This is Bill Sly from the environs of Chicago.
 I served for a short time with B 2/2 in Nov and Dec 1968 and then HHC 2/2 feom Jan 1969 to Jan 1970.
Curtis Parker
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Welcome home Billy we are happy to have you aboard. I was assigned to B 2/2 Infantry, 3rd Platoon, Track B231 from 9 Dec 1967-10 Dec 1968.  As you will find out there is quite a few of us Daring Bravo Bandits on this web site.  Join the 2nd Infantry Regiment Association if you have not already done so..try it and you will like it..NOLI ME TANGERE.  We are a great bunch of old farts Vietnam Veterans still trying to take care of each other. Again welcome to the family.

Rodger Carroll
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Just wanted to check in and say Hey! Another beautiful day here in Las Vegas, high today is suppose to be 78. May have take a bike (Honda Goldwing) ride, to pretty to sit at home. I just found this site the other day and I am really enjoying it. It's so cool to read about places that I was at and things that I did also. 
Take care fellow Brother's and have a great day.
Rodger Carroll
Track 234
John Venn
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Beautiful day here in Knoxville.  About 65 right now, sunny with clear skies.  I love the change of seasons in this area (although old injuries sure scream when a weather front moves in).  All you old (and young) soldiers keep your heads down and don't bunch up!

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Spring is neigh, bluebirds, sandhills and robins are back, but they still may be snowed upon before real warm weather arrives...   Maple syrup season is on and boiled out our first gallon and a half yesterday, hope the weather conducive for collecting sap...
                ronziegler HHC 2/2 Recon 1-68/2-69   BEWELLBROthers !!!
Ray Williams
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Just got back from 90 day R&R, Ca, Az, NM and Texas.  Had great time met up with Gary Shelton for  about 3 week in Az. Now back in La and it is getting hot around 82 today.  Will visit site more often .

  Ray Williams , HHC 2/2, Aug 68 to Aug 69
Curtis Parker
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2nd Infantry Regiment "Fall In" Curtis Parker present for duty. Hey, Wow!! I got an initation from NASA to ride a Space Shuttle three orbits around the earth for this coming Easter....April Fool!!!!..ha, ha, ha.... Mother I got your card thanks alot...and Mother 3 April is Sunday, let's say a prayer of remembrance for those guys we lost during the battle that day.

Glenn Haring
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Funny thing but on my way into work this AM I was thinking about 3 April and how we got ambushed on our fall back at the felled trees. Then I open me email and see this.
Yeah, 3 April is going to be a part of many of us till we are put to rest.

I am glad for my brothers who remember that day.

B 2/2 68/69
Dareing Bravo 6 Kilo

If you have a negative sit rep break squelch twice-   shhhhhh shhhhhh
Roger Beeman
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Good morning to all my friends. Checking in for April. I remember those times as spoken by Curtis and Glenn. We must never forget the brave soldiers who gave their all during this tough time of our lives.
God Bless you all. 
Gene E Danils
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  Good day to all in the Second Inf!! April is and was the month I went to Nam and came home! Want all to know how proud I am by being a part of the 2nd Inf Reg. I wore the BLACK SCARVE with pride then and think of it with pride still today 43 years later--Thank God for All who was and always will be a part of the SECOND INF REG. We all know where and when times were hard and April is one for me, but To ALL MY BRO'S in the 1/2--2/2--I just want to welcome all home and Thank God for all! We will always remember that ALL GAVE SOME--AND SOME GAVE ALL!!  May they REST IN PEASE!!!!!
                        GED   DELTA CO 1/2  68--69
Mahlon McLean "Mac&q
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I remember April 3 well. Always get a catch in my breath and say a prayer for fallen comrades.  Saw something that day that makes me chuckle though.  I think it was track 231, an RPG hit the side just behind the cockpit and someone popped up in the air from the driver's hatch and when he landed on the ground he jumped back up and got back in.  Later they painted the spray pattern around the hole where the RPG penetrated yellow.  At least I remember it as April 3d.  God Bless You All.

Mahlon McLean
221, 222, Medic Track, B 2/2
12/7/67 - 10/13/68
Rod Carroll
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I remember seeing track 221 with the yellow markings around the RPG hole. I knew it had meant something but never heard the story behind it. Thanks for sharing.
Rod Carroll
Track 234
WIA 1-12-69
John Kerins
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I think a few tracks would paint around an RPG hole. We took one on 9, Jan 69, just in the engine area - severed part of the steering laterals. As I remember it we dabbed paint in the scarring from shrapnel sprayed by blast. Sort of a psychedelic feel to it.   I guess doing that was kind of a "Screw you! We're still rolling!" (Which we were after a new engine and the steering was repaired.)
When we took that RPG my driver, Al Okler, got one hell of a nasty burn on his back from the blast. He unassed the track, probably thinking it was on fire. I slid into the hatch and finally got the track to stop as we were hauling down 13 towards a another track herring boned on a culvert. If we hit I'm pretty sure that track would have been knocked into a swamp. But what I still chuckle about is as we were barreling down the road, our platoon sergeant, SFC Fred Jones, when jumping off had gotten the strap of his M16 caught on one of the lifting hooks on the top of the track. He wasn't about to let go of his rifle in the middle of a contact. So he was running and being dragged down the road. And he was no kid, probably about 40. And to us back then, that seemed ancient!

The other thing I remember is that the core of the RPG bouncing around in the track, had gone right through my almost two cartons of Camels! God that pissed me off!

Mahlon, I noticed you ETS-ed 13, Oct. Was that a coincidence or did you get your ticket punched at Bandit Hill?

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Do you ned Al Okler's address and pnone number in Texas??? Let me know and I will email it to you, unless he moved without notifying me.
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Checking in NOW that April fools day is over, life must go on as usual !!!
       ronzieglerHHC2/2Recon1-68/2-69 BEWELLBROthers !!!
Marc Parker
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Hey guys! I was cleaning out a drawer in my gun closet, and stumbled across a 1st Division coin 50 years continuos service  with dates June 8, 1917 to June 8, 1967 - WWI  WWII Vietnam. Anyone remember getting these? Wonder if they are going to do 100 years in 2017?

Doing great in West Tennessee.

Marc Parker C 1/2 Mortar Platoon April 67  - April 68
SOCK it to ME...
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PIGEON FORGE,   As time draws neigh, let us not forget our fellow BROther's("missing sock") from his last reunion and  may we let this one be a memoriable occasion for the old warhorse...

Roger Beeman
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Theres nothing like an OLD SOCK and when you lose one you are NEVER the same. Be sure BROther Jim has plenty in order to get on with his life as he used to know it.

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All the time in Nam I really don't remember anytime that D1/2 had any ops with the 2/2! Probably did but it escapes me today!! I remember many op's we were on, but none with the 2/2, but surely we did? If anyone out there in 2nd Reg Land remembers any, let me know. I have to be losing my mind the older I get. I can always count on my BRO's for help in the time of need. By the way gas is now $3.59 a gallon in SW Iowa, but it's only going to get more expensive as summer nears. 75 degress here this AM, and the grass is getting greener. Just checking in to see what was going on today.
                                  D 1/2  4-68--69  BLACK SCARVES
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Gene, when I was at Ft Devens in 1964 with B co 2/2 we never trained with the 1/2 BN--we went our separate ways.
Before we went to Nam the 2/2 trained the 1/2 Bn. The 2/2 Bn was trained by the Special forces, then we the NCO"s of the Bn got detailed to train the 1/2 BN.
Those of us that were in Hawaii with the 25th Inf Div and have jungle training expirience have to really work hard in making the training aids for them to trained.
We went together to Nam in the same ship, but we went our separate way once we got to Nam. The 1st Bn went to Phu-Loi and the 2/2 to Lai Khei, of course the 2/2 Bn, because of the intensive training that they have before at Ft Devens, Mass--we were sent to a hotter area. 

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Daniels GED
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Juan: Thanks for the info on my question! When I arrived in April of 68, I knew there was a 2/2, but that's about all I knew of them. I didn't remember as I said ever going on any ops with them. The only mech unit I remember being TDY too was the 11 ARC. Col. Patton need a Company of Infantrymen, and asked for us and when we found out where and why we were going we all went OH SH--. When we got with the 11 ARC, we were at a bridge and Patton wanted security in the form of an Infantry Unit, but it turned out that Patton was great to us, and when the mission was over--all--well me anyway wanted it to last longer. We were treated really good by Col. Patton. Thanks again Juan for the info, mayby my mind isn't going as fast as I thought.
                                 GED    D1/2  68--69
Tom Copeland
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I was with HHC,2/2, 6702-6801 and I don't remember any ops with 1/2 while I was there either.  But it wasn't unusual for the companies of 2/2 to be broken off and attached to other units so there may have been.

Very seldom did 2/2 work as a whole battalion while I was there.
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All is well in Wisc...  My wife had brain tumor removed in November, just returned from the third MRI and the DOCTOR says "see you in a year unless you have problems"... ALL IS WELL IN WISC.!!!   Pigeon Forge is looking closer than ever !!!
     ronziegler HHC 2/2 Recon platoon 1-68/2-69 BEWELLBROthers!!!
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