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Tom Copeland
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For those interested in sending items to our troops serving with the 2nd Infantry Regiment in Afghanistan, the Regiment is requesting that all packages be sent to the Battalion for distribution.
Please send all items to the following address:
Any Ramrod Soldier
Kandahar, Afghanistan
APO AE  09355
Tom Copeland
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We have a new address for sending packages to our troops in Afghanistan.

During the Reunion in Colorado Springs we were told that packages addressed to "Any Ramrod Soldier" would most likely not be delivered.  The military is requiring all packages to contain the name of a soldier.

I contacted LTC Hurlbut, Battalion Commander for the 2nd Battalion and got this reply today.  By using this method the packages will be assured of getting to a soldier who needs it and to the company of your choice.  Please don't forget that there are now more companies in the battalion than there were in Vietnam and we don't want to leave anyone out.

The address will be "coded" to make sure it gets to a deserving soldier.

Please address all packages to:

1LT Shane D. Foshee (ASP)

HHC (or whichever company), 2-2 IN

Kandahar, Afghanistan

APO, AE 09355

1st LT Foshee is in charge of the mail room so he will assure the packages get to the proper people.
 - The (ASP) stands for "Any Soldier Package"
 - Current Companies are, HHC, A, B, C, D, E

Tom Copeland
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I am now getting questions regarding what sort of items our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are in need of.  I also want to make sure Holiday packages meet the needs of the troops who are away from home in all countries.

Any ideas you can send me would be greatly appreciated and posted on the message board.

God Bless our troops and their leaders!

Tom Copeland



2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment



We can always use personal hygiene items, cards, any type of board games and paper back books.  We are at a new FOB that we have built ourselves and do not have access to those more normal items.


Thanks for all you do!




LTC Daniel S. Hurlbut

CDR, TF 2-2 IN


Kandahar, Afghanistan



1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Regiment
As soon as we have an address, we will send it.  We do not have an
address and do not know what base we will be posted to yet. 
Senior leaders are still making decisions on our employment.  
We appreciate your patience as the political situation continues to 
change on the ground in Iraq.  We should know something in the next month.
Thank you for your thoughts and efforts to support our soldiers.
 Steven M. Miska
LTC, Infantry
1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry Commander
Black Scarves - "Back In Black"
Tom Copeland
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LTC Hurlbut, CO of 2-2 IN, talked about board games for the troops in Afghanistan.

I spoke with my nephew yesterday about what sort of games the troops might want to have.  He spent a tour in Afghanistan, followed by a tour in Iraq.

His suggestions are as follows:

Guess Who

Monopoly takes too long to play and they never had that much time so he suggests staying away from any board game that would take too long to play.

Decks of Cards are always welcome

Books and magazines.  Stay away from the pornography as it is not allowed in Muslin countries.  Hunting and Fishing, Cars, People, etc are all good choices.  They don't have to be current issues, so gather up that stack of magazines, and all those books you finished reading that are laying around the house and send them to the troops.

The USPS offers "Flat Rate" boxes to military.  It makes no difference how much they weigh, the price for shipping them is the same.  The largest carton they have cost me around $12.00 to send and it was crammed full of goodies.

The Holidays are just around the corner so lets get those packages rolling.  If there are local organizations, VFW, American Legion, Scout Troops, etc., in your area who are sending packages to troops see if they are willing to take the address that is posted on this web sight and send a package or two to our soldiers.

Remember how it was when you got your packages, and make a few troops happy.


Tom Copeland, Vice President
2nd Infantry Regiment Association
The Saint
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Tom, we sent a package by mail, $17.00 dollars, also we had to fill a customs declaration.

Thank you for your effort.
Hope to see you at the reunion at Pigeon Forge.

kathy bertram
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As a mom of a 2-2 inf.  Your care and concern is greatly appreciated.
I am all ways looking on the Internet about news and found your message board.
Again they THANK YOU
Rick-Jr. Ginkinger
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We just shipped 2 boxes in the special boxes for the Military and it only costed $10.85 each. Send lots of small items and hope to hear from the person who will get them. I know what it was like to get boxes from home when I was in Nam

Tom Copeland
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Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your posting on the message board.  The 2nd Infantry Regiment Association is made up of past and present members of the 2nd Infantry Regiment.  At the current time most of our members are Vietnam Veterans, with a few WWII Veterans, and a growing number of Desert Storm and War on Terrorism Veterans. 

We are always looking for ways to support the active members of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, no matter where they are stationed.  We would love to hear more about your son so feel free to post information or news from him on the message board.  If you will send me his name and address I will get him on the mailing list for Christmas cards.  Never hurts to get a few extra cards during the holidays.

We appreciate the sacrifice your son and all his family members are making during these trying times.  You will all be in our thoughts and prayers.

Tom Copeland, Vice President
2nd Infantry Regiment Association
HHC, 2/2, 1st Infantry Division
Lai Khe Vietnam, 67-68

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Got mine away today. Lg flat rate box. About 15 once read paperbacks, then filled all the spaces with those individually wrapped hard candy. The box was bursting at the seams, only 10.95. BTW The box is free.

Get them out within the next 2 weeks to assure delivery b4 Christmas.
jon davis
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i was with the 2nd from 97-99 and deployed to bosnia

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